RideNow TPU Gravel Inner Tube

RideNow TPU Gravel Inner Tube

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Valve Length 45mm
Type Road

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RideNow uses special reinforcing materials to make Thermoplastic polyurethane Elastomeric (TPU) material inner tube valves, which are structurally stable, sturdy, and durable.

Ridenow ultra-lightweight inner tubes Made from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) material 70% less weight than regular butyl rubber inner tubes 50% less space in the pocket Bright and colourful colours for easy identification


Material: TPU 
Size: 700 x 32/47c (Gravel)
Use: Gravel Bicycles
Type: Gravel Bike Inner Tube
Features: Ultralight(45g), High stab resistance, Reduced rolling resistance