Our Craft

Wheel Building

Built by hand, with passion in delivering a work of art

Almost every wheel is different. 

How they are laced, how are they being built and most importantly, was there any wheel building preparation before the actual build such as measurements of the components to ensure the correct length of spokes that are required, whether the threads of the spokes are being prepared etc.

It is important that the spoke length is correct to prevent weak thread engagement allowing any potential for the nipple or spoke to snap while riding. 

We treat every wheel here seriously. Each of them is akin to a building where the foundation is important. At Built, we practice wheel building preparation. From preparation of spokes to the end product, we make sure that every wheel that leaves us meet our standards. 

Our Story

BUILT was conceived by the good people over at Cycle Project Store.

Having been involved with numerous custom bicycle projects, the importance of quality wheels was soon realized.

Founded in 2013, with the purpose to allow riders to have a sense of what high-quality, hand-built wheels are about and how they affect their rides.

At BUILT, we believe wheels should never be compromised.

Our Tools

Good precision tools are important towards wheel building. The skills of our wheel builders is important but accompanied with the right tools, every wheel built will be a work of art. 

In our studio, we use Cyclus, DT-Swiss, Park Tools along with P & K Lie tools to assist us in ensuring your wheel is built to the highest standards possible. 

It is important to know your wheel builder pride his craft by using only top quality and trustworthy tools.

Our Partners

Cycle Project Store Logo

Cycle Project Store

A firm believer of quality goods and services, the company was conceived in late 2012 as an online store to cater to the single-speed bicycle market in Singapore. That focus has since expanded over to road, commuter and gravel bikes over the years.

With the aim to assist each cyclist's needs and fellow cycling stores around the globe to cultivate a cycling culture and friendly environment for bike commuting, our mission is to promote cycling to be part of our daily lives.

We believe that each bicycle is akin to a project and as per project, attention to details coupled with proper care and execution should be planned in accordance to the demands of the owner.

Fitskuul Bike Fit

Our preferred partner when it comes to bike fitting.

Since 2007, Master Fitter Choon Wei has been fitting cyclists all over the world, notably the national cycling teams from Cambodia and Indonesia.

With 13 years of experience under his belt, Choon Wei's extensive knowledge and expertise ensures a perfect fit between comfort and performance for every cyclist he meets.

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