Light Bicycle Falcon Pro AR465

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The latest advancement of the popular Pro AR - All Road Series, Light Bicycle's new X-Flow profile offers significant performance benefits. The design reduces aero drag, is more laterally stiff, and has 30% greater impact resistance. AR465 disc’s are a great choice if you want a fast mid-depth rim that will give you an edge over the competition.



  • Rim Model: AR465 disc
  • Size: 700C
  • Series: FALCON PRO
  • Use: Road/CX/Gravel
  • Type: Clincher
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width: 21mm/28mm
  • Depth: 46.5mm
  • ERD: 547mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight Standard: 460+/-15g, Flyweight 410+/-15g
  • Offset: 0mm (symmetric)
  • Weight Limit (on flat ground): Standard 135kg, Flyweight 90kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle: ±8°
  • Spoke Tension: 115 ~130kgf front, 120~130kgf rear
  • Tire Pressure: 110psi Max
  • Tire: 23C~43C recommended