Extralite SP-B Brompton Front Hub

Extralite SP-B Brompton Front Hub

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Hole Count 20H
Version C & P-Line
Bearing Enduro Abec 5

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Extralite SP-B Front Hub for Brompton Overview

Extralite brings its renowned lightweight and durable design to the Brompton community with the SP-B front hub, crafted for the specific needs of Brompton bikes.

Key Features

Lightweight Construction:
Weight: Engineered to be lightweight, ideal for weight-conscious Brompton riders.

Design and Durability:
- Spoke Bracing Angle: Optimizes spoke bracing for improved wheel stiffness and predictability.
- Radial Spoke Lacing: Heat-treated flanges for durability.
- Materials: High-grade aluminum construction for strength and reliability.

Axle and Bearings:
- Axle: 74mm aluminum axle fits Brompton's front spacing, ensuring smooth power transfer.
- End Caps: Hard anodized for wear resistance and long life.

- Bearing Preload Micro-Tuner: Easily adjustable to avoid bearing and axle damage, using hand or 17mm wrench.

Directional Use:
- Orientation: Marked for proper fork orientation, ensuring optimal performance.

- Hole Count: 20H, 24H
- Spacing: 74mm (for Brompton bikes)
- Weight: Lightweight design with robust integrity.

- Designed and manufactured in Italy, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

The Extralite SP-B front hub for Brompton bikes offers exceptional lightness, strength, and performance, perfect for enhancing your folding bike.