Enve SES Disc Carbon Rim

Enve SES Disc Carbon Rim

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Size SES 3.4 Disc

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Enve Composites are based in Utah. Every product that bears the ENVE name is the result of the burning desire to be excellent. Each rim, wheel, and component is designed with form, functionality, and beauty in mind.

The Smart ENVE System was introduced as a solution for a fast wheel with a combination of factors. With Aerodynamics, optimized stability, lightweight, stiffness, and durability, the S.E.S has it all covered.

3.4 SES Disc Clincher
• Weight: 390g / 397g
• Depth: 38mm / 42mm
• Width: 27.5mm / 21mm
• Climbing, All Purpose

3.4 AR SES Clincher
• Rim Weight: 387g / 394g
• Depth: 39mm / 43mm
• Rim Width: Front 32mm/25mm, Rear 32mm/25mm
• All Road, Gravel, Climbing, All Purpose

4.5 AR SES Clincher
• Rim Weight: 440g / 450g
• Rim Width: 49mm / 55mm
• Rim Depth: Front 31mm/25mm, Rear 30.5mm/25mm
• All Road, Gravel, Road Race

5.6 SES Disc Clincher
• Rim Weight: 449g / 477g
• Rim Depth: 54mm / 63mm
• Rim Width: Front 29mm/21mm, Rear 28mm/21mm
• All Purpose, Road Race, TT

7.8 SES Disc Clincher
• Rim Weight: 502g / 533g
• Rim Depth: 71mm / 78mm
• Rim Width: Front 29mm/18mm, Rear 27.5mm/18mm
• TT, Road Race