Wheelbuilding Service (Wheel)

Wheelbuilding Service (Wheel)

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At Built, we use DT Swiss Proline Wheel Truing Stand and Park Tool Professional Wheel Truing Stand for all our wheel truing, tensioning and dishing services. Accompanied by the DT Swiss Tensio and Spoke Wrenches, we are able to accurately measure and adjust the tension of every wheel built. With our Cyclus Spoke Cutter, we are able to cut and thread spokes to specific lengths to ensure a wheel that is built to perfection. 

All wheels by Built will go through careful step by step procedures and prepared with professional tools to ensure a long lasting and purposeful wheel for every individual rider. 

Step 1: Spoke length will be calculated and cut to tolerances within 1mm.
Step 2: Spoke threads and nipples will be prepared and treated with spoke prep and lubrication. 
Step 3: Rim and hub will laced according to lacing pattern recommended or requested. 
Step 4: Wheel will be tensioned, dished, trued and de-tensioned until recommended tolerances are met. 
Step 5: Final check on tension, dish and trueness of wheel after letting wheel sit for a day.