Tune Mig 170 Rear Road Hub

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The MAG 170 is Tune's latest iteration of their lightweight rear road hub design. When compared to its predecessor, the MAG 180, several key improvements become apparent. The most dramatic change is the move from a 15 mm axle to a 17 mm aluminium axle. This increase in diameter helps to save weight while increasing the stiffness of the hub assembly. In order to accommodate the larger axle size, Tune had to redesign the rest of the hub. The hub shell itself has slightly increased in diameter, along with the drive mechanism. And in redesigning the hub shell, Tune opted to improve the flange spacing for better spoke bracing angles, ultimately leading to stronger, laterally stiffer wheel builds.

Internally, each bearing has been effectively downsized to save weight and to fit the larger axle. Tune has also opted to abandon its XOT double bearing and preload mechanism, which greatly simplifies axle removal and hub overhaul.

Tune MAG 170 hubs are designed and manufactured with pride in Germany.


• Weight: 178g
• Bearings:  6803 (1), 6903 (1), 6803 (2)
• Axle Diameter: 17mm
• Available Drillings 24H, 28H 
• Hub Shell Material: 7075 Aluminium