Schmolke TLO 45 Clincher | White Industries T11

Schmolke TLO 45 Clincher | White Industries T11

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Freebody Shimano

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Schmolke Carbon, a pioneer in the application of modern composites to bicycle component manufacturing, continues their legacy with the introduction of their SL and TLO series of carbon road rims. As a boutique custom manufacturer, new product releases for this company are quite rare. We can rest assured that any item stamped with the Schmolke brand has been thoroughly vetted through their obsessive design and testing processes. As their first machine-built product, Schmolke's carbon rims were given an additional measure of caution in design and production to ensure that they match the high standards of quality present in their handmade seatposts and handlebars. The result of Schmolke's hard work is a superior carbon rim with a surprisingly competitive price point.

For the weight-obsessed, no introduction will be necessary for Schmolke's TLO (The Lightest One) line of components. Expanding from their venerable TLO seatpost and handlebar offerings, Schmolke has applied their passion for the extreme to their carbon clincher rims, optimizing the carbon material and layup to tip the scales right at 400 grams. At this aerodynamic 45mm depth, there are few competitors that can even come close to this weight. The TLO 45 is, in fact, lighter than almost any other carbon clincher rim - even those that are substantially shallower in depth. Even with their premium price point, the TLOs are still surprisingly less expensive than similar rims from other manufacturers. Additionally, these rims share many of the features of other modern carbon road rims: internal spoke nipples, a wider tire bed, and an intelligently designed aerodynamic cross section. Each rim includes rim washers that reduce friction at the nipple/rim interface while spreading load from spoke tension to increase longevity of the built wheel.

Wheelset Specifications:

• Rim Type: Carbon Clincher
• Rim Height: 45mm

• Rim Width: 17.6mm (Internal) | 27mm (External)
• Hubset: DT Swiss Carbon Ceramic
• Freebody: Shimano 11s | Campagnolo 9/10/11s
• Built Type: Light | Standard | Strong | Aero
• Rim Weight: 400g
• Hub Weight: 92g | 252g
• Wheelset Weight: 1344g (Standard Built Type)

The recommended way to select your Built Type will be from your riding style for this set of wheels and your weight. If you require something more specific, please contact us and we can work something out together.

Light Build:

• Approximate Rider Weight 45kg - 80kg
• 20 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
• 24 Spokes Rear | 2x Drive Side, Radial Non-Drive Side
• DT Swiss Competition Spokes | Internal Brass Nipples

Standard Build:  

• Approximate Rider Weight 65kg - 95kg
• 20 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
• 24 Spokes Rear | 2x Drive Side, 2x Non-Drive Side
• DT Swiss Competition Spokes | Internal Brass Nipples

    Strong Build:  

    • Approximate Rider Weight 85kg and Above
    • 32 Spokes Front | 3x Lacing
    • 32 Spokes Rear | 3x Drive Side, 3x Non-Drive Side
    • DT Swiss Champion Spokes | Internal Brass Nipples

    Aero Build:  

    • Approximate Rider Weight 65kg and Above
    • 20 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
    • 24 Spokes Rear | 2x Drive Side, 2x Non-Drive Side
    • Sapim CX Ray Bladed Spokes | Internal Brass Nipples