Phil Wood 45th Anniversary Track Hubs (Black, Purple and Grey Splash Anodize)

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Phil Wood Track hubs are built for life. Silky smooth bearings and looks so classy and beautiful, it's hard to resist one.

For Phil Wood's 45th Anniversary, they are excited to offer sets of their hubs in splash anodize. Each hub is done by hand and is free-form. Because of this, no hub or hub set will be the same.


• 24H Front | 24H Rear
• Spacing: 100mm | 120mm
• Flange Diameter: 48.2mm
• Weight: 185g

Phil Wood & Co are based in San Jose, California, America. It was founded in 1971 and is one of the oldest American Cycling Component Manufacturer. The company has been known for their quality products that have strong emphasis on design, precision machining and have constantly churned out products that have a everlasting lifetime.