Hplusson Archetype | Phil Wood High Flange

Hplusson Archetype | Phil Wood High Flange

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Built Type Standard
Freebody Black

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The Archetype rim has proven to be light yet not sacrificing strength, stiffness, and stability. Featuring a similar profile to the HED Belgium rim, the invisible welded rim joint highlights the impeccable standard of H Plus Son's workmanship. This rim is quickly gaining a lot of popularity on the roads.

Wheelset Specifications:

• Rim Type: Alloy Clincher
• Rim Height: 25mm

• Rim Width: 17.2mm (Internal) | 23mm (External)
• Rim Colour: Black | Gunmetal Grey | Polished Silver
• Brake Track: Machined Brake Wall
• Hubset: Phil Wood High Flange
• Hub Type: Single Fixed or Fixed | Fixed
• Built Type: Light | Standard | Strong | Aero
• Rim Weight: 490g
• Hub Weight: 225g | 389g (Single Fixed)
• Wheelset Weight: 1924g (Standard Built Type)

The recommended way to select your Built Type will be from your riding style for this set of wheels and your weight. If you require something more specific, please contact us and we can work something out together.

Light Build:

• Approximate Rider Weight 45kg - 80kg
• 20 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
• 24 Spokes Rear | 2x Lacing
• DT Swiss Competition Spokes | Alloy Nipples

Standard Build:  

• Approximate Rider Weight 65kg - 95kg
• 28 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
• 32 Spokes Rear | 3x Lacing
• DT Swiss Competition Spokes | Brass Nipples

    Strong Build:  

    • Approximate Rider Weight 85kg and Above
    • 32 Spokes Front | 3x Lacing
    • 32 Spokes Rear | 3x Lacing
    • DT Swiss Champion Spokes | Brass Nipples

    Aero Build:  

    • Approximate Rider Weight 65kg and Above
    • 20 Spokes Front | Radial Lacing
    • 24 Spokes Rear | 2x Lacing
    • Sapim CX Ray Bladed Spokes | Brass Nipples (Alloy Nipples Optional)