Sibei Light 35 Carbon Rim

Regular price $500.00

Sibei Light 35mm rims will give instant response and allow you to go faster with no compromise. Aero rim profile to hold high speeds. Achieve better handling without being influenced by crosswinds. Sibei Light 35's are the go to rims when you only want to have a light, strong and dependable wheelset for training, climbing or even racing. 

No matter what type of riding you are doing, the 35mm depth with improved aerodynamic profile will be a great option for you. It's a great wheel set for climbing, descending, windy conditions, races, and even training. With the mid-depth aero rim height and improved design to handle the crosswinds these can be used even in very windy areas. With the low weight of the wheels they are a great climbing wheel set and on the opposite side of that climb the wider rim profile will make for great handling when flying down a descent.


• Strong, Light, Stiff and Durable 
• Rim Type: Clincher
• Depth: 35mm 
• Rim Width: 27mm
• Rim Inner Width: 18mm
• Weight: 376g (Clincher)
• Rider Weight Limit: 105kg