Reynolds AR29 Rim

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The Reynolds AR29 rim brake carbon road bike wheels are a great choice for riders who value lightweight and durability. The 19mm tubeless ready rim channel provides excellent fit for an assortment of modern tires, and lower rolling resistance. The overall rim dimensions deliver a snappy yet comfortable ride, and best of all, these wheels won’t cost you a fortune.

Key Features:
• Wide, Tubeless Ready Rim Provides Better Fit For Higher Volume Tires That Increase Grip, Lower Rolling Resistance And Provide Greater Comfort
• Refined, Wider Rim Shapes Have Been Optimized For Crosswind Stability At A Variety Of Yaw Angles
• Disc And Rim Brake Specific Models Available
• Ctg2 Brake Track Is 30% More Resistant To Heat ThanOriginal Ctg Technology


• Strong, Light, Stiff and Durable 
• Rim Type: Tubeless Clincher
• Depth: 29mm (Rim Brake)
• Rim Width: 28mm (Rim Brake), 29.5mm (Disc Brake)
• Rim Inner Width: 19mm (Rim Brake), 21mm (Disc Brake)
• Weight: 410g
• Rider Weight Limit: 120kg