HED Belgium C2

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Hed Cycling is an American operated and privately own company. Based in Minneapolis, most manufacturing and assembling are done in their own US factory. First started in the mid-1980s by founder Steve Hed, the company continues to embody his design philosophy which led to the ground breaking C2 rims. The company values quality and happy customers over unbridled growth or protecting the bottom line. 

The Belgium C2 is a 23mm wide aluminum rim that was designed to accommodate wider tires, or when paired with 23c tires, to create a tire profile similar to a tubular. The C2 was named after the lower coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr) and higher aerodynamics (Cda) provided by the 23mm wide rims. 

The HED Belgium has all the benefits of a tubular tire (smooth ride quality, lower rolling resistance) with the convenience of a clincher tire (ease of installation, easy to repair a flat, low cost). The C2 Plus was designed for 25mm tyres.


• Strong, Light, Stiff and Durable 
• Clincher
• ERD : 592mm
• Weight: 455g (Clincher) | 465g (Plus Clincher)  
• Height: 24mm

• Width: 23mm | 25mm (Plus Clincher)
• Brake Track: Machined Brakewall (Silver) or N/A (Anodised Black)